Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Trains and Planes

Recently, we visited the historic train station at Kfar Yehoshua, which is a moshav that neighbors our pretty little town. The site is a small one, and it has old train station buildings (Ottoman period), some of which have been restored and are in use as the  museum, and some are crumbling ruins. It's really quite interesting. The train that ran through here connected Haifa to the line that ran through Jordan and Syria. However, the train stopped running once the War of Independence broke out, and it was never rebuilt.

Well - soon it will be. Israel Railways has announced a plan to rebuild the "Rakevet Ha'Emeq"! There will be a train running from Haifa to Bet She'an again in the next few years. But - why is Kfar Yehoshua still a stop? Why not Kiryat Tivon, Ramat Yishai, and Migdal Ha'emek?

I can only hope that they'll build a great shuttle system!

While we were at the train museum, we caught some up close glimpses of army fighter jets flying low overhead. Actually, we see these jets a lot. The other side of our town basically backs up to a very large airbase. The Air Force practices overhead a lot (although usually higher in the sky). My kids really think it's cool. It is such an impressive reminder of the strength and might of our Israeli Defense Forces. And we get to see it almost every day!

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