Monday, May 4, 2020

Stay at Home Fun with Bagels & Locks Studios!

This #stayathome thing is really hard.

We've been basically self isolating because of some of our family members' pre-existing conditions and we are trying very hard to avoid exposure to the novel Coronavirus.

That being said, it's hard to stay at home for all this time. 

We have not had the complicating factor of our work outside our home, because our family business, the Safed Puzzle Room, being part of the tourism and entertainment sector, is closed. Unfortunately, this translates into actual, real, serious financial issues for us.

But instead of wallowing in self pity, we allowed ourselves a short period of time to absorb the shock that our business will likely not survive the pandemic, and then we decided to pick up the pieces.

So we worked night and day and day and night, and we created an amazing (if I may say so myself) online Israel-themed game that families, couples, and groups can play from the comfort of home: IsraelQuest: Challenge One, under the umbrella of Bagels & Locks Studios. More games are in the works!

I don't want to give the game away, but let's just say it's SOOO cool and fun for experienced puzzlers and escape room buffs, as well as for novice players and kids. You can choose from 3 options: IsraelQuest: Challenge One (for adults and teens 14+, novice or experienced puzzlers), IsraelQuest: Challenge One Jr. (for kids age 9-13 or novice puzzlers), or IsraelQuest: Challenge One Pro (for experienced puzzlers age 15+). And the price is amazing - it's currently available for an introductory price of just $10 (instead of $14.95) -- this way it's truly accessible to all! And best of all, you can play the game whether you know Israel well, or don't know anything about Israel! It's really that versatile.

Be sure to let me know when you've played, I'd love to hear what you all think of it!
If anyone wants to review the game, please reach out to me privately! Thank you!

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