Monday, June 4, 2012


We have been only somewhat following the news in the last few weeks, but not all of the news coming out of our area has been good. There were some local violent crimes, a car crash that killed nearly an entire family (on a very familiar stretch of road), and an elderly tourist who became confused, presumably got lost, and was found dead.

I am not going to try to discover the reason for any of these things. The people who try to interpret current events as direct messages from Hashem, that they have been uniquely blessed to uncover, are doing enough of that. More than enough of that.

All I can say is, that we can never understand the ways of Hashem. Telling people that the such-and-such a tragedy happened because we use the internet (or whatnot), is completely beyond the pale. Who are we to claim such intimate knowledge of the workings of Hashem?

No one, no one, will ever understand.

But we should grieve along with a little girl, we should show we care to a grieving tourist who lost her husband...  we all can pull together just a little more and make ourselves and our nation a little stronger. No blaming, no finger pointing. Just growing.

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