Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Everyone heard about the El Al fare glitch on Expedia, Cheaptickets, and more today, right? In case you haven't, here's the recap:

For a few short hours, round trip tickets with a stopover in Paris or Zurich from N. American cities to Tel Aviv, on El Al, were selling for $350 - $450 TOTAL.

I checked if it was also working for the other direction (originating in Tel Aviv). It wasn't.

But for a few minutes there, while I was frantically emailing and Facebooking all my loved ones in the NY area, I thought I'd be getting some visitors this winter. I mean, really, who could pass up that price, EVEN if it means you have to deal with a stopover in Europe for a few hours?!

After all, Europe is not Istanbul.

Yes, we once had a stopover in Istanbul. The biggest nightmare of a trip, I think, because we really were not supposed to stop in Istanbul... It's a long story, and I'll tell it to you another day, once I get over my PTSD from it, ok? It was only about 3 years ago; in another 10 years or so I'll be good to go, ok?

Anyhow, I was daydreaming about all of our family and friends finding ways to visit us. I told them all it was time to make a pilot trip... you know, plan their Aliyah...

But it wasn't meant to be.
All good daydreams must end.

Miss you all! Please come visit! The next time there is an airfare glitch can you PLEASE be available to buy some tickets?!



  1. Did they honour any bookings at that fare I wonder? I wonder how long it was up for?

    1. I think it was up for about 5 hrs, and according to the jerusalem post (i think) El Al says they will honor them, although some people have received emails canceling their reservations, i hear. there's a whole discussion about it on Dan's Deals...