Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A day off...

Today we ventured out of our little piece of Israel, and we went to the center of the country. We played in a Eucalyptus grove at the Mekorot Hayarkon, but since it was so hot (but surprisingly less humid there than home! Who would've thought?), we ended up finding a water fountain and spraying water all over each other. It turned into a soaking wet, fun time. And I only felt a little guilty about using the extra water!

Then we went to visit my aunt and uncle in Hod Hasharon. Sometimes you just need to see family in order to feel anchored. The kids love going there, it's like having another Saba and Savta who spoil them! And honestly, it was really great for us adults too. It's nice to spend time with family, I highly recommend it to everyone!

We always will do things differently, but there is no denying that we come from the same family! I can't help but see bits of *my* grandparents in my aunt, and bits of my mother too. Makes me feel all happy/sad.

A little homesick and missing those not with us and those no longer with us, but also anchored to family in the here and now...

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  1. Lovely to see a picture of your children. And I agree - being away from family is a biggie.