Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Natural Bliss, part 2

After my first trip to a local health food store, I lowered my expectations before looking for the other two stores I had heard about. Both are in the center of town – one is under the building which houses HaMashbir, also named some generic “Teva” name that escapes me, and the second one is practically brand new, and located right near the Post Office; it is called “Mazon Organi” (Organic Food – not the most creative of names, but definitely to the point!). I decided to scout them out.

First, I visited the “Teva” store that is in an alley “under” HaMashbir. I walked past it twice before realizing that it was there. It too, was tiny, and it is stocked with a very eclectic collection of “natural” and “health” items, if you define that term loosely. Of course, most of their prices are exorbitant, and much of their stock has a thick layer of dust covering it, not to mention that I couldn't make out any order to their shelves... They have a wide selection of supplements and natural remedies, and they have a tiny refrigerated section (smaller than my dorm fridge in college). Apparently, one can place a produce order through them, but I didn't stay in the store long enough to find out how. I surveyed the place and dusted off a few bottles of cold-pressed oils to check prices, and went on my way...

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